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Monday, October 31, 2005


Here it is your little mantra of the week special Halloween edition:

I am the scariest monster in town! I could kick all thier as$es!!

Have a Great, Safe Halloween all!!! Booooooooooo!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Dance in the Streets Nekkie

Woohoo! Its Friday!!!!!

Man it did not come soon enough. HALLOWEEN is upon us WOOOOOO (I scared you.)

Time for me to visit my sisters and haunt the town. I rented some scarey movies to round out the weekend, so I am all set to scare the sh1t out of myself all alone watching these things, lol. I will let you know if I sleep with my baseball bat.

The kids are all set: Froggy is Dracula, Turtle is YugiOH, Butterfly is the Devil (hehe).

I love Halloween, the stories, houses and candies. This weekend I will also be taking the kids driving to look at all the spooky houses. I'm so excited! I only wish they were old enough for haunted houses. They get too scared yet. But in a few more years, just in enough time for them to want nothing to do with mommy, they will be ready and I will beg them to let me take them, lol. I am sure I will hear the phrase, "But Mom, all my friends are here, can you please just drop us off?" I'm sniffling already. Oh well, I got em now so I get to drag em all around town and spend all day with em :).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where does it come from?

Ok seriously, I really have no clue. The poems are loosely based on my life, sometimes not at all, could be a dream or it could be something that happened to someone I know. But mostly they are thoughts, fragments I piece together. At any given time I have about a thousand thoughts running through my head, as well as pictures and feelings. To keep me sane and keep it all straight I write, read and draw.

I love creating something with my hands. Writing is relatively new to me. I've never thought of myself as a writer. I have always been an artist. I'm not sure if I am any good, but I love drawing, painting, sculpting, and building. In fact, it really never mattered if it was any good. It was just me, its always been me. Its what I do. Its the one thing I don't need anyone's approval for. If you hate it, cool... it wasn't meant for you then. I think the people my art and writing are meant for find it. I am positive that my work means something different to every single person who views or reads it. I am interested in creating emotions inside someone. If I can make someone feel for just one second, that piece was worth all my effort.


Golden glow lighting your hair
soft caress
and longing stare

Sitting, watching
gently kissing
hands meet
eyes lock

Slowly trickling
the water below
over the rocks
salty foam

Thick steamy air
fills each breath
this magical place
where we first met

You know what its like...

You hear your favorite song of the moment on the radio, and even though you have the CD, you crank the fuzzy, crackling radio station all the way up in your car with 3 good speakers. Then you drive down a road heading into the sunset on your journey to the love of six little arms outstreched just waiting to wrap around you. Love fills your heart as you lift all three off the ground with a smile, laugh, and big bear hug.

I am so happy I decided to post my babies pics on my blog. There are somedays when I forget what its all for. Then a snapshot can turn my head around and make that voice coming from my heart drown out all the daily stress.

Thank you my crazy little ones.

Monday, October 24, 2005

More pics as promised...

My Froggy

My Turtle


So, I got the roll to work finally!! Woohoo. I am still trying to figure out how to imput an image in my sidebar. I am close, I can smell it.

Anywho... I am told there are free lessons on blogging on the web. Could you please share your links with me this week, pretty pretty please with sugary icing on top? <<>>


If I fold my arms under my boobies, they look so awesome.

Say it over and over until the object of your stress disappears from you mind.

Note: This Mantra can only be used by women over 30. Sorry men your on your own this week. (Maybe you could try the sock trick.)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Butterfly

My butterfly. I just figured out how to imput pics all, look out!

She had an open house at her daycare this evening and she was the star. She got up danced and sang and giggled every minute. It was my slice of heaven for the day so I thought I would share.

A prayer to Start your Day Tomorrow

Just Tuned In

Cutting you
I cut through me
Are you there
Can you see
the pain you've driven
into me

Stinging deep
burn, gush
i have nothing
left to crush

Pull, twist
writhe, wriggle
Solemn solace
Peaceful sleep

Stir spirit
awake mind
yet to find

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Here it is your Mantra for the week.

I have the vagina/penis of power.

Since most people who make you feel bad do so because they do not have the power, hehe. Its like saying, Dude that guy has total penis envy, but in a fun way.



Ok, I think its been over a month since I cut my grass, lol. I love doing it but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance really. Well maybe I have and football or naptime was more important.

Anyway, I get to use my new weed wacker! I am excited. No really, I think this one should really be able to cut down some of the monster weeds I have growing along my fence.

Why do weeds grow faster than grass? Why do weeds stay alive when the flowers I bought all die? Am I missing my calling? Was I supposed to be a weed farmer? I have weeds of all kinds, big ones, spikey ones, ones with flowers, and ones with berries of some sort that stain Turtle's clothing. Ok the last ones are raspberry bushes, but I didn't plant them and have no idea where they came from.

Pumpkin Carving

We are going to carve our pumpkins today, woohoo! I love this and hate this all at the same time. SO I think to make it easier on Mom this year we will paint them. The kids love to paint and I think the pumpkins stay longer if you dont cut them. I will miss the pumpkin seeds though.

My butterfly (4 yr old daughter) got the biggest pumpkin at 32 lbs. The thing weighs more than she does. She is so adorable with it though.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Today my car was broken
today my dreams were smashed
Im mad becuase i let it happen
i knew it wouldnt last

it hurts to walk
it hurts to breathe
i wish i was anyone
but me

ill be better soon
tonight ill be the moon
the stars will play with me
upon the sparkling sea

the light will come tomorrow
to scare away my sorrow
only then ill see
it wasnt meant to be

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hop into my world
bright bouncy boy
change my life
my bundle of joy

Watching you grow
drawing writing
laughing and playing

Big brown eyes
soft velvety hair

Bear hugs
monster mashes
soft skin
and long eyelashes

Born to me
youll never know
world before you
anything but whole

The Power of Orange Knickers

Man I love new undies!! There is nothing better than going to work for a stressful day in a nice set of matching undies. (The hidden power keeps you going all day, I swear.) Its like you know that no matter what happens you look damn good under those clothes and only you or the person you choose can see it, hehe. The only other things I love buying more than undies is shoes. I have never been a "typical" girl except for those two things. Its great to be a woman sometimes. hehe.

So I wonder... do men find joy in a fresh pair of undies? Is this a gender or a people thing? Men, do you strut your stuff when you have that pair of elephant thongs on under your suit?

Btw... the link above is to Tori's webite. She is my favorite Siren. "The Power of Orange Knickers" is a song off her album The Beekeeper. If you have never heard her I suggest at least giving her one listen. Her melodies are enchanting, her piano playing is mystifying to watch and her lyrics leave you to marvel at the world around you.

If i were President

This morning before school and work, my Froggy (8 yrs old) and my Turtle (7 yrs old) had a discussion. They were talking about children in their classes. Froggy told Turtle that his friend's Dad was the President of his company. Turtle asked what made the boys Daddy a president. Froggy reponds, "Well Turtle, you see, he has a great big desk (stretching out arms) and they even let him have a phone!!" Mommy was in the bathroom doing her hair when the conversation went down. I had to shut the door so they wouldn't hear my laughter.

I have to tell you, I felt like a President all day long. Thank you Froggy, you light my world with kindness and color.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Baked Spaghetti

Tammi, my tum tum thanks you for the yum yums.

love ya mama:)

Red Devil

crawling darkness
Red devil light the way

Path before
closed door
turn to you
I stray

I follow
peaceful stroll
i struggle
to keep my soul

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mantra for the Week

Each Sunday I am going to post a "Mantra for the Week". Just some little thing to have running through your head this week to help you through til Friday.

Here it goes... lemme know if it works.

"My ass looks so fucking good in these pants!"

In case you are unfamiliar with mantras, here is a short example of how to use it.

Boss: Did you get your spreadsheet done yet? We are all really counting on you, to have the.....

You: inside your head (important) My ass looks so Fucking good in these pants!

Boss: (thinking you heard every word cause you have a huge smile on your face) Thank you, Im glad we can depend on you.

So this week, whenever you feel a little stress, repeat the Mantra!


So.... pumkin patch. I loved them as a child. My children love it. Today I lost some of the love.

We go to a pumkin patch every year for hay rides, horseplay, apples, perserves and pumpkins. Today we went and much to my suprise, they started charging for the horseplay! Thats right, no corn maze, corn tunnel, cheesy pics of kids in wooden cutouts; unless you pay $4 a piece for the kids and $1 for each parent! Now this doesn't seem unfair or overly pricey; however, these things were meant to attract people to the farm to spend their money on the goods. So I came home with no apples, no apple pie and little perserves. I am not entirely sure about the inner workings of a pumpkin farm, but this hurt my heart to see.

I understand we are ALL going through hard times right now, but raise the price of the goods. LET THE CHILDREN PLAY!







Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mommy Manual

Man I am hurting today... I swear there should have been a Mommy Manual... so here is an except from mine....


A. Breast feeding unitl your nipples are soo sore you want an ice machine in your bra.
B. Being shaken in the middle of the night by older child.."Mom, mom, mommy.... brother hurled all over the room, down the stairs, and into the bathroom come quick!"
C. Having a spare spot in the bed for... accidents, thunderstorms, nightmares and the extra love that only comes from Mommy's arms in the middle of the night.
D. Referee - fights, games, crayon splitting, desert sharing, car rides.... pretty much everything.
E. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PANIC EVER!!!!---- When your son comes into your room the first thing in the morning with blood running down his face and neck do not say "OMG look at all the blood." (Trust me not the right reponse.) Instead remain calm, even though you can see your son's skull through the gash on the top of his head, because this will not be an isolated incident. The emergency room will become your "Cheers", thats right EVERYONE will know your name.
D. Barbie heads, lipstick, robots, money, fruit snacks, banana peels and dried worms, finding all the things children put in their pockets BEFORE you wash their clothes.

These are a few of mine that I have learned so far. There is more but alas... i have no more energy left to type. Happy Saturday Mommies everywhere!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bad Mommy

this ones for my kids... let me be me, lmao.

enjoy the link guys its cute. btw... THE ONION is the best!!! amazingly tasty nonesense hehe

The Beginning

The poem that began my journey back into writing was inspired by a day trip with my family. My sister gave us tickets to an outing in Chicago. We spent all day there with her and some friends. I wrote this poem to thank her. Thank you DOE you mean so much to me!

Koolaid Stained Counters

We tickled Cookie
And Kissed Elmo
Chatted, Ate
and walked till we

Barefoot climbing
Bouncing and Running
Dancing, Singing
Laughing and hugging

Car ride, milkshakes
and sleepy eyes

Friends, family
Love all around
We had a wonderful time
in a fabulous town!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My boss called me DUDE

A beautiful morning, kids got ready on time, i found clean underwear, and my shoes were on the right feet. Off to work....

Can a spreadsheet drive you to homocide? If so, is it self defense?

I am not a data entry person, im just not. I can't sit still, i tend to mix numbers, and i HATE it, lol. So I have this freakin wonderful spreadsheet to work on. It has now been over a month long. I calculated today that it should take me approx. 11 more days to complete!! In addition, I offered to come in on a Saturday to do my regular job!!! (Please someone send me a lifetime supply of Captain Morgan or those great little Watermelon Bacardi thingys mmmm.)

But it seems like my boss is finally starting to understand how i work. (He is a little slow all... duh.) So I am hoping he will leave me alone sometime soon.

So ANYWAY... I need your help to stay sane!!!!

Share with me some crazy things spreadsheets might be used for. I know not all of us can understand the beauty of spreadsheets but maybe if we somehow relate it to alcohol or sex... i dunno just a thought. Common man, I feel my creative juices crusting over in the bottom of a sink.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Autumn nights
magical leaves
moonlit walks
dancing trees

Gentle lips
soft caress
ticklish whispers
on the neck


Shoes to pavement
Pounding Ears
Beading sweat
hides the tears
faster, faster
through the years
Run to master
all your fears