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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Birthday Weekend OMFG

Wow...what a freakin weekend...

I turned 31 on Saturday and man did I celebrate. Last year was a bad birthday so I had much to make up for and I did. Friday I went to see my friend's band play at my local hang. It was awesome! I took my crazy self and crazier gf... we rocked our socks off and then some, hehe. When I finally got home at 10 in the morning I was still feelin it.

I took my babies to see Over the Hedge
They loved it! It was a great satirical comedy for us liberals too, hehe.

Then I went out again. My best friend McHenry dude joined me for a celebration at the local pub. It was tame but wonderful all the same. A night of talk and booze, my fav.

Then it was Sunday... I went out again. I haven't been out three nights in a row in over 5 years at least. This time I went out to eat in Schaumburg, dancing at Alumni Club and closed down the Cadillac Ranch. My legs still feel awesome.

Monday my family had a cookout for me. We played with water balloons and ate burgers. Then a friend of mine stopped by.

I must tell you this was the best birthday I can remember. I got to spend time with friends, family, play with my babies and drink till i was stupid. I am so glad this only happens once a year, I need a nap. Thank you everyone that came out! I really enjoyed myself.

Go Mama!!

I just read that my Mama got her job!!! Congrats!!

I am soo happy for you! Kissies and hugs XXXoooXXXX

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wisdom Tree

Deep are you through the grass
allowing travelers to pass
tripping but a few on their path
shading those you chose
colorful for those you love
steady for those that move
strong for the weary
shelter for the brave
peace and isolation
in times of meditation
Dancing sunlit faces
of children that take their places
Beneath you gathers the rain
helping them through the pain
you soak it in for your own
they see how you have grown
barefoot and running
they leave your shade
your leaves are turning
and starting to fade
snow covered branches
hide the magnificent site
the next season to reveal
with its warm welcomed light


Jelly covered smile
Looks up from her plate
Peanut Butter fingers
are hard to mistake

She reaches for me
eyes smiling
outstreched arms
of wisdom tree

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Center around
the blank expression
of youthless faces
lost and found

light the path
of existence
for those to walk through
who have eaten your light
and felt your sound

mark the passage of time
with a little grey sign
your love is light
and you are found

Monday, May 01, 2006

Meep Meep....

Prepare for the late arrival of the spring Zephyr. That's right im in the works to return. I have a lot of poetry and stories to catch up on. I've missed you all, I have two more weeks of classes before summer. I can't wait to blog again... ( I have a lot of reading to catch up on too, hehe.)

Until then a Spring Mantra....

I make the lightening happen!

Since lightening comes up from the ground (college knowledge at work) remember it comes from your energy. And if you have that much extra energy that the earth has to get rid of it, imagine what you have locked inside. Have a great week everyone!!