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Love and Koolaid Stains

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Game On!!!

Well I'm pretty much moved into my new place. I've been working like a dog for about a week and a half straight and the work isn't finished yet. I still have to finsh moving the attic, basement and shed at the old house, urgh. But I want to throw out most of the left things so its just a matter of going through it. I started cleaning my house to present it to the new owners. I believe the new closing date will be next week sometime. So I have the rest of the week this week to get it ready.

The kids are wonderful! They couldn't be happier. Turtle and Froggy's room is blue with ninja turtle drapes, starwars, king kong, spiderman, and Green Day posters. They couldn't be happier. In the closet there are shelves at their level that Turtle placed his favorite books on and he sits in the closet and reads, its sooo cute. Froggy is excited because the attic left plenty of room for an art/music/homework room. Butterfly is more than pleased with her freshly painted purple princess suite I created for her. Papa built a ladder for her to get to her loft bed its so precious.

As soon as everything is settled I will take pics and post them. I had to paint 3 of the rooms. I should have taken before and after pics, it was that bad. But the space is wonderful. There is room for everything me and my babies need. My room is huge and I love it. I bought drapes for the whole place. I am really having fun with this house. The cat-who-would-be-dog has made a scratching post out of one of the moldings. Normally I would be terribly upset, but this particular molding has already been eaten by a puppy. It must smell good or just have animal magnetism. So my next purchase shall be bitter break.

School is going splendidly! Classes are sailing along. I love school. I think im perpetually 20, lol. I think I shall name my apartment Beatrice. I have two papers to write and two more exams to study for so.... I'm off like a prom dress :).

Friday, February 10, 2006

Counter Clockwise

Fragmented glass
broken open dreams
Crash and fire
not meant to be
Young life lessons
to be told and
not learned
Counter clockwise
we move
nothing gained
hide our face
afraid and ashamed
I'm sorry to you
youth left behind
To be told you were true
and then led blind


Orangle Glow Leaves
in the wind
Slowly melting sun
grow dim
Sparkle above you
and all around
Shine within
High off the ground
Feel my branches
running deep
Beneath you
while i sleep

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Drunk Post....

Ok it took me about 5 times to get into blogger... excuse the stammer and drool. Saturday everyone , hehe.... So its was my mom's bday party today and i made her a cake. It was a simple layer cake, or so I thought. Then I tried to remove them from the pan. I made sure they were thouroughly cooled... I thought i was safe. NOPE! I try gently to coax the cake out of the pan. I put a little pillow on the plate as to invite the cake in. The cake wasnt buying it. Stubborn CAKE!! What do you want from me??? I greased your pan, I lighty floured your EDGES, YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!!!! I finally resorted to the spatula... I had to piece it back together to frost it. Does anyone else think frosting cans need to be bigger? You need like 1 and a half to frost a two layer cake. And that just sux, because what are ya gonna do buy two and waste a half? No your gonna buy two and use em both...can't waste the creamy goodness.

Wow I ramble when im drunk, lmao. I think ill quit while im ahead. Have a great weekend all, CHEERS!!