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Love and Koolaid Stains

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Monday, June 19, 2006


Walking through the fog
of Our dimly lit sky
I see You stare at Me
longing to be free
intertwined lovers
wrestle for the cause
broken heart strings in the air
in front of Us She stares
Her eyes illuminate the world around
of what We were scared
We now are bound
She walks slightly sinking into the mist
beckoning to Us, We cannot resist
following, We tread in Her path
there is nothing before Us
and no turning back
We hold each other tightly
I feel You breathe
walking for stars
sunk in to Our knees
She stops before Us and turns
Her eyes are of fire
Her lips are oceans
hair of flowers
skin of emotion
We stand before Her
taking Her in
She washes over Us
removing our sin
rising, we are now on our feet
Her hands stretch before us
we fall through trees, rock and earth
to the place where we meet

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last Day...

Its the last day of school today for my babies. I am so excited for their summer. Froggy has a game tonight and my work schedule has changed. Everything is becoming a little clearer these days. I've been afraid to write too much about it for fear it may change. Me and my silly superstitions. We are doing well now, poor but happy and very well.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


taste the air tonight
bittersweet dreams
embracing you
clouds beneath my feet
the long time memories
faded to dust
glistening moments
of fiery lust
standing before me
i take your hand
i remember at once
this strong passioned man

hard to see you
harder to know
the love inside me
can never show
keep it hidden
lock the key
far away
for none to see

ice crystals form
around the black room
sinking inside
impending doom
i wrestle before you
my mouth quakes
so much to say
can't make a mistake

its up to me know
to hold strong and fast
i know the secret
to making it last
the air thicker now
hard to move
but i know somehow
what to do

stand before you
slivered and shaved
branches stripped
leaves fallen away
wait for your glance
that tells me to speak
tender, mild, meek
speak lightly
and travel well
my words of emotion
lost in the well
that same dark room
i locked with a key
scraped my dirty salty knees
bleeding for me
i let you in
the truth is now free
lost in my sin

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dance with me

grab me from the waist
aching for your taste
close my eyes
moving in
feeling you
on my skin
big blue eyes
grabbing my soul
chewing it
swallowing whole

twist me
swing around
flying off the ground
pull me closer
embrace my lips
engulf my tongue
clench my hips

Chili Peppers Baby

Man I am completely enthralled with the new Chili Peppers album. If you are a fan or ever were you have to get it. Its such a must! Its two disks so its double the pleasure and its worth the money and then some. TO me the Chilis have been getting better and better with every album. I compare their evolution to the Stones. From funk to blues, rap to rock there is no stopping this ultimate American experience. Check it out I promise you wont be disappointed.