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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Charlie, Then and Now....

Ok so I know everyone has already touched on this subject but I just got a chance to see the movie. I love the original Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. But I really must say, I love what Tim Burton has done with the place. He moved a chair or two and rearrange some songs; but man what a brilliant display of colorful imagination. Burton's movies are all wonderful in my opinion but this one is exquisite. Not because Burton did it, but its because he tested his own boundaries. Most of Burton's films tend to be monochromatic and he doesn't stray far from that in the beginning of the film to emphasis the struggle of Charlie's family. But my absolute favorite part of the movie was the ending. I have to watch the original again, which I own, but the new version is much happier I think. Chralie's family works hard through their monetary problems and pulls themselves up. Wonka doesn't pity them or give them charity. Instead the family sees this as an opportunity for them to grow as a family and strengthen. It was a wonderful retelling of a classic childhood story. I watched it with my kids and we analyzed it together, it was magnificent. Thank you Mr. Burton!


Its official, I've been invited to my first teaching seminar. I am really excited. Mostly because its downtown and I just love my Chicago. But really this is such an excellent chance to meet excelling professional educators, it makes my heart pound. One of my professors invited his class to attend becuase he is part of the commitee that is hosting the seminar. My buttons are just busting people, I have to say. The only part I am not looking forward to is going alone. I am trying to find someone in the class that wants to go as well. But convincing 20 year olds that this is a great oppurtunity is kinda hard. It seriously infringes on their quarter pitcher night. Even if I have to go alone, it will be great just to be there.


While my sister's pledge drive is winding down, I have my very own puke-a-thon happening at my house. At first I thought we wouldn't be able to hit every room in the new apartment. I was mistaken. I have so much laundry I will be up all night. Turtle seems to be feeling better finally after the two day onslaught. Butterfly and I were also sick but we prefer the lower end rather than the upper. Times like this im thankful for my steam cleaner.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


OK so I work as a telemarketer... please don't throw things. I really need a job and these people are really fun. After my last experience I thought, how hard could it be to have phones slammed in your ear lol. But really im kinda good at it. Its fun, I meet a lot of people and I get to talk on the phone all day!!! The atmosphere at the job is very zany! Because its kind of stressful, the people I work with have decided to cope with it by being really pleasant to each other, whodathunkit. They dance, sing and actually talk to each other at breaks. I forgot that work could actually be fun. Well its not much of a job I guess, but its really good to build my confidence back up and get me out of the house for at least a little while. I'm only working part time because of school. But Butterfly got to go back to school so she is thrilled. I haven't started the selling yet, I have just been doing surveys. I can honestly say, the people who telemarket really are everyday people. I thought they were some kind of trolls that were forbidden from entering the rest of the world and the only means of communication was the telephone and a autodialer. So I go from hating my job to working in the most hated profession, hehe. I'm on a roll, I'll be totally prepared for my students, lmao.


Sweet stillness
slow air.
Gliding gently
over the grass.
Tickles your feet
as you pass.
Soft giggle.
Cool fingers
gently wiggle.
Beaming bright
her smile
so light.
wispy hair trickles
down her face.

Oh the grace
of this moment.
Encased in this time.
Not to be wasted
but saved in your mind

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ode to the shower massager...

Oh Shower Massager you are my friend...
You never talk back and you arnt too needy
You are there when i need you, warm and well.. warm
With your extending AHEM hose
Ok... even i can' t do this one....

All I'm saying, new shoes, a new shirt, and my shower massager, good enough for now...

Is this for real??!!

Well its official! The second contract on my house fell through. Ho hum here we go. I have another offer, so we will see. Man someone stop this train, lol.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

GO Duece!!

The show last night was awesome and splendiferous. I've only had about 3 hours sleep but it was well worth it. Duece and one of our other friends were the bells of the ball. His family and friends all came out to open his show. Talk about a diverse crowd. It was held in a bit of a shady area, but apparently thats what the artists do... they move into areas where the rent is cheap to set up galleries and then the area takes off. Im a bit ignorrant to it all, but last night I felt like I found my piece of heaven. There was art everywhere and people too. A fashoin show for my other friends work walked right in front of me, hell actually bumped into me. As "London Calling" came over the speakers in the gallery a tall lanky blonde with red undertones bumped right into me, thats when i realized I was standing in the middle of the runway. Later in the evening I was kissed by a homeless poet who shared his work. I may post some at a later date, I have to figure it out first. All in all it was a very suprising evening, it ended at a bar with a few too many for my sis. She wasn't sick--it was far worse. She proceeded to tell everyone we were with how wonderful I am. Ok it may sound like I am an ungrateful sister but... everytime lil one gets tipsy and I do mean EVERYTIME, she sings my praises to the people we are around. I know my sis is proud of me and I love her dearly but it really is embarassing and I never know quite how to handle it. I just smile, nod and ask her politely to stop. But there is no stoping her when she is on a roll. I think she thinks she can find me a man by telling all the ones in earshot how wonderful I am, lol. Anyway, I love her and I was prepared for such the occassion. So no harm. It was cute and I had a wonderful time. Duece was a great sucess and I am so proud to call him my almost-family, AHEM hint-hint!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Artzy Fartzy

Tonight I am attending my future-bro-in-law's art opening. I am so excited for him. This is his second show. I didn't get to attend the other one. So this is very special to me. Duece's paintings rock! Ok so I'm a little bias, but I really do love his work. I've been trying to find links to some of his work but I haven't been able too. He is modern with a touch of pop. If you live in the Chicago area and love paintings check out this link...


Not my first time at the ball...

Since this is technically my 3rd and last time reentering school in the past 7 years, I know my way around the park. So my hard work is starting to show, not only in my grades, but I was awarded one grant and am on the list to receive another one. Not only will this cover my complete education but it will give me extra money for housing and food. I was also informed this morning that I have been admitted to clinicals. The school I attend is highly competitive for teachers and there are limited spots available, so this is huge. It means I start the first semester of the 4 semester program this fall. I will begin observing and then student teaching. I am so excited I could burst. I am planning to attend classes over the summer to continue moving ahead. I sign up for those next week. This has been an exhilarating week.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Cosmic Soul

Coccoon broke open
Free little wings
Blue insides
waiting to see
big soft world
all about me
Rainy heart
smokey mind
Beatrice my love
i find
strength initiated
Cosmic soul

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Speed LIMIT???

Thank you Bad Example for another stunning display of blogfodder!!


Watch it, learn from our silly human behaivior...

The whole world isn't evil?

Yesterday, the company that laid me off, did a much more evil thing to someone I care about very much. For me, it still hurts to go anywhere near that place. I won't even drive down that street anymore. I was never fired or laid off before. I think that all the feelings I have are normal except one.

While I was working there I hated the company and began to think all other companies were run the same way. I worked at very cold companies before that treated people like numbers, but this company topped the list. It wasn't just that they treated us like that but they tried to play us against each other. We were not allowed to make any decisions for ourselves. THAT was new. I NEVER, even at Little Caesar's (hehe), had a boss that didn't encourage new and creative solutions. Not only did they treat me like a number but they tried to strip the humanity completely out of me. I wasn't allowed any personal phone calls, they took away my breaks and they read all my emails. For a while I think it worked. I felt myself changing to "fit in." Or maybe I changed because I was afraid of losing my job. Either way, I know exactly what to look for at future companies now. NOONE deserves that! Yes, I realize that while you are at work you need to work. But a company that frowns upon "forging" friendships with fellow employees is just insane. There are plenty of shitty companies out there, but at least you can bitch about them on your lunch hour with your good friends, the other disgruntled employees. Is that too much to ask, a company that just controls my paycheck and not the rest of me?

But things are working out for me. I am so much happier! I don't yell at my babies like I used to. I have so much more patience. When I think about what I almost let that place do to me I cry. I am so much stronger and happier now. My determination to reach my personal goals has never been stronger. I believe God laid this experience in front of me to better prepare me for my future in my profession. Teaching is a very difficult job faced with adversity everyday. What better to prepare me for a classroom full of high school students than a workplace full of back stabbing cliques?