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Love and Koolaid Stains

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Monday, June 19, 2006


Walking through the fog
of Our dimly lit sky
I see You stare at Me
longing to be free
intertwined lovers
wrestle for the cause
broken heart strings in the air
in front of Us She stares
Her eyes illuminate the world around
of what We were scared
We now are bound
She walks slightly sinking into the mist
beckoning to Us, We cannot resist
following, We tread in Her path
there is nothing before Us
and no turning back
We hold each other tightly
I feel You breathe
walking for stars
sunk in to Our knees
She stops before Us and turns
Her eyes are of fire
Her lips are oceans
hair of flowers
skin of emotion
We stand before Her
taking Her in
She washes over Us
removing our sin
rising, we are now on our feet
Her hands stretch before us
we fall through trees, rock and earth
to the place where we meet


Anonymous McHenry_Dude said...

Ah Ha! I get it now! :)

Another Piece of Art Talula!

11:59 PM  
Blogger Crackity Jones said...

i love it but clearly i am not smart enough to understand it

5:12 PM  

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